Our owners are always encouraged to get involved with our design team in order to bring about just the right personalized interior layout. Most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials are offered wherever possible. We never compromise when it comes to delivering the best owner experience. From the very beginning of the design, construction, commissioning and delivery stages we have an open door policy. With our owners on board, we’ll become a team to select just the right woods, fabrics, flooring, lighting and counter surfaces and other interior refinements for your taste. All exclusive brands are our gourmet appliance options to make your galley and salon a unique, functional and a center for entertaining. Rockharbour yachts usually come with full standard amenities. Combining the best use of interior space without crowding is the top priority of our interior design team. You won’t find low ceilings, narrow and steep staircases. Moving around the boat at anchor or underway, it is such an easy, comfortable and pleasant experience.