Volvo Dynamic Positioning implemented first by GCG Yat İmalat AŞ

GCG Yat İmalat AŞ was again the first to implement Volvo Penta’s Dynamic Positioning System. 

GCG Yat İmalat AŞ was first to install the Dynamic Positioning Sytem, a very user friendly system that was barely known in Europe in 2010, on a RH42 which was exported to Germany This function which can be activated by pressing a button on the joy stick of the Volvo’s driving system fixes your positioning together with heading via the data gathered by its antenna equipped with GPS and compass, despite the wind, waves and the current. 

When activated DPS fixes your boat’s positioning in a very narrow bandwidth. Meanwhile the engines run and the propellers spin, therefore there should be no one in the water nearby. It makes life easy for the boat owners who wish to drive their boats alone especially when waiting at the fuel dock or when docking allowing you to prepare the fenders and lines. It is as useful in countries like Germany and Holland where you wait for the bridge to open in a heavy traffic rivers. 

The German boat owner who has used the DPS on his 3500 km journey starting from Alaçatı, thru İstanbul, Black Sea and Danube River, stronly suggests this system to all boat owners. 

There are many convenient, helpful and functional details among the many firsts GCG has implemented on its Rockharbour motor yachts.

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